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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
HMSA is committed to preparing all students--regardless of gender, ethnicity, primary language or special needs status--for future success. Our challenging program prepares all students for university and career success through a rigorous, standards-based curriculum within a safe and cooperative learning community. All students will develop advanced math, science, and communication skills and have the opportunity to enroll in Advanced Placement courses to gain an academic advantage in their university and career paths. Results of formative and summative assessments provide opportunities for accountability, reflection, recognition, and growth. All students will be held to the same high expectations and provided resources and support to ensure success based on their academic and social needs. In order to progress, the input and participation of all school community members is encouraged and valued through a collaborative process.

Vision Statement
HMSA maintains a positive academic learning environment to help all students develop a college-going identity in order to transform their college and career aspirations and expectations into reality. All students graduate with the academic and social knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed at a university and in a career, demonstrating a commitment to their civic responsibilities