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At Hawthorne Math and Science Academy, we are committed to lifelong reading. Students, teachers, and staff members are participating in the "HMSA Reads" program which encourages reading for pleasure. 

Research from a 2014 educational survey found that individuals who read for pleasure are more successful in all aspects of life: "The art of reading, particularly engaged reading as opposed to the mechanics of reading, is a powerful predictor of life success by any measure. It is not only the best predictor of who goes to university—regardless of socioeconomic background and parental education—it is the best predictor of life income, career options, even life partner choices. And neuroscience is proving that reading fiction is one of the most powerful means of developing sympathetic individuals, with better social skills and higher levels of self-esteem.” 

"HMSA Reads" was developed from the English Department's 2016 summer reading assignment where students were encouraged to read books of their choice. There were different page tiers, but for full credit, students had to read 500 pages or more and engage in a discussion on Goodreads. We surveyed students how the assignment went, and the results were as follows: 

HMSA students read close to half a million pages during the summer of 2016. On average, students went well beyond the requirements with each reading approximately 800 pages because they had the choice of which books to read. (Some read close to 5,000 pages!) 

They read from a variety of genres and for different purposes; some reading young adult fiction for entertainment, some reading MBA guides to success for information, others reading everything in between. 

So "HMSA Reads" continues this engagement by rewarding students who are committed to being lifelong readers. Teachers and staff members are joining the discussion by recommending books and posting their own reviews on Goodreads. We will update the community at the end of each semester with the latest stats. Below you'll find resources to help navigate the program, including book lists, tutorials, and more. 

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