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HMSA can now proudly announce our new journalism website, aviatornews.orgWe chose to launch an electronic version of our student paper to provide more coverage of life at HMSA. Check it out! We'll be posting new articles each week and also adding new columns soon.


Sophia Morris

English Teacher - Aviator Newspaper Club Advisor

  Aviator News encompasses five sections, fifty writers, and the entire student body. Starting in fall 2013, a more journalistic bent was adopted, and newsprint replaced the computer paper issues, allowing for more content and thus more writers. The five sections stayed mostly constant, with change coming to the untitled front page (now Campus News) and the self-titled Back Page (now Op-Eds). The Arts & Entertainment, Book Reviews, and Sports sections withstood the restructure, which expanded the staff to fill two CP Newspaper classes taught by Ms. Hall and widened the scope and circulation of Aviator News. Student remarks and mainstream media content are often featured, and 500-plus copies — enough for every student — are printed every two months. Despite the restructuring, our mission remains the same: to serve as an outlet for our aspiring writers and an informational resource for our student body and community. Below are past issues. Happy reading!    -Linda H. MSA's First Editor in Chief, Class of 2014    


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