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Key Club International is the oldest, largest, and most successful non-profit student-led organization for high school students. We teach and spread our core values through community service: caring, character-building, inclusiveness, and leadership which were adopted by our Key Club International Board in 2002. Members of Key Club, a part of the community-service based Kiwanis International Family, develop themselves into young leaders as they positively impact their schools and communities.

Just the facts

  • Key Club has approximately 260,000 members

  • There are approximately 5,000 clubs

  • Key Club is represented in 32 countries

Information taken from KEY Club Website


| What is HMSA Key Club? |

HMSA Key Club is a student-led community service club. HMSA Key Club strives to achieve Key Club International’s core values: “leadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness.” HMSA Key Club gives positive service opportunities for its members.

Through leadership and inclusiveness, members elect their officers, trusting their officers to create a successful year filled with community service events. HMSA Key Club members are expected to finish their 100 service hours through their participation in events like Rose Float Decoration. The city of Hawthorne has been a tremendous resource for the club’s constant participation for community-based events. Weekly meetings are held in the multi-purpose room to encourage and inform members about upcoming events. Members help during Hawthorne’s Halloween carnival, Hawthorne 5k Run and Walk, and volunteering with the Hawthorne Teen Center.   

Through character building and caring, HMSA Key Club hopes members to volunteer not only to finish their required hours but to have fun while volunteering. Volunteering means getting a chance to see what you’ve done first-hand, seeing the reactions from the people you helped. Volunteering means hanging-out with friends while helping others.

HMSA Key Club is part of a bigger group, Division 19 North, consisting of high schools such as CAMS, El Segundo, Gardena, Hawthorne, Lawndale, Leuzinger, King Drew, Westchester, and DaVinci. HMSA Key Club members volunteer alongside members from other schools, meeting new friends during Beach Clean-ups, Division Council Meetings (DCM), and fundraisers like Relay for Life.     

For more information, please see HMSA Key Club advisor, Ms. Mendoza.

Important reference files for view or download to print:

Volunteer Opportunities.pdf