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Uniform Dress Code Policy


School Uniforms


Students must wear collared polo style shirts in navy blue, hunter green, or white with the official HMSA logo on the upper left chest area.  The uniform shirt must be tucked in at all times.  All other styles, colors, and logos are prohibited.  Students may wear undershirts that are of a different color; however, these undershirts must be solid in color and must be tucked in at all times.  Shirts should fit students appropriately and not be too tight, too big, or show midriffs.  Shirts cannot be balled/bundles or tied up.


Students must wear khaki (refers to the tan color) or navy blue pants, shorts, or skirts.  No cut-offs, frayed or torn pants are allowed.  Pants with belt loops must be worn with appropriate belts (i.e., no chains).  Belt buckles may not have initials, flags, or logos on them.  Pants must fit the student and not be baggy or tight.  They must be an appropriate length and not drag on the ground, be too high, or show student’s underpants.     Pockets may not be located on the outside of the pants.  Also, students cannot wear corduroy, jeans, stretchable material pants, or leather pants that are khaki in color.

Skirts and or shorts may not be shorter than mid-thigh length (a good indication would be that the length of the skirt would not be shorter than the extended hands middle finger).    


Students may only wear the HMSA uniform jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt; all other items will be confiscated.   


Undershirts and Leggings

Undershirts:  Must be solid in color, free of writing or symbols, and tucked in

Undershirts in PE:  Must be white

Leggings:  Must be solid in color.  Wearing leggings does not allow a student to wear tight or short shorts or skirts.


§Color: Any      

§Type: Athletic or regular

Must have a hard-sole.                                        

No house shoes, moccasins, heels or open-toe shoes


PE Uniform:

§Top: Official HMSA P.E. Shirt  

§Bottom: Official HMSA P.E. Shorts

§Footwear:  Running Shoes

Girls of Muslim faith can wear their traditional dress (over-garment) in accordance to their faith, but it must be dark blue, black, green, khaki or white and must have the school logo.

 If the dress does not go to the ankles, then khakis must be worn underneath. 

Head scarves must be in one of the same three colors.

STUDENT DRESS CODE POLICY (click to download)